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The Same Great Qualities, Time After Time.
5 Star Beef is known for consistency, and that’s one of the most important ingredients in any recipe. Uniformity results in reliable retail tray or plate size and better presentation. Consistency in thickness and marbling means prep time is more predictable and efficient. 5 Star simply makes it easier to give customers rich, tasty beef – at home or away.

5 Star Gives You Benefits on Both Yield and Value.
A recent university study* reported that 5 Star subprimals delivered a 2.8% saleable yield advantage, resulting in a significant value gain when compared to conventional beef. That’s extra value that can boost your bottom line. Contact us to learn how adding 5 Star’s superior yield to your mix can bring measureable rewards.

How Does 5 Star Compare on Conformation and Yield?
When compared to conventional beef, 5 Star yielded:

Exceptional product uniformity

- 77% between 700 lbs and 900 lbs while just 65% of conventional beef carcasses fell into this range

Thicker cuts for more satisfying dining experiences

- middle meat complexes average 5.5 lbs lighter than conventional beef

Consistent cooking times with uniform retail tray or plate coverage

- 98% of ribeye areas between 10-square-inches and 16-square-inches while only 88% of conventional beef ribeye areas were in this range

How Does 5 Star Beef Compare?
A recent university study* reported that 5 Star Beef was 11% more tender than conventional beef after 14 days of aging. After 21 days, 5 Star Beef was 14% more tender. Sensory panel tests on three important attributes reported that 5 Star Beef exceeded performance of conventional beef on key measures.

TRAIT 5 Star 5 Star Beef Conventional Beef
Juiciness1 5 Star 8.3 8.0
Beef Flavor1 5 Star 8.8 8.6
Butteriness1 5 Star 2.6 2.1
1Evaluated on a 15-point scale. Higher numbers indicating better performance.
Did you know that 80% of consumers choose beef for special occasion dining?
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