5 Star Reserve

5 Star Reserve

Reserved for Your Table

Satisfy even the most refined palates and turn satisfying dining into a gourmet experience.

Reserve Measurably Better

Measurably Better Beef

A study showed that 5 Star Reserve outperformed Certified Angus Beef® on tenderness and three key sensory attributes: juiciness, beef flavor, and butteriness.

  • A saleable yield advantage
  • Superior product uniformity
  • Thicker cuts
  • Consistent cooking times
  • Uniform retail tray or plate coverage
  • More tenderness and superior performance

Reliable and Consistent

Consumers expect thick, juicy steaks, which is exactly what 5 Star Reserve delivers. 5 Star Reserve provides exceptionally uniform ribeye areas and a lighter middle meat complex, resulting in thicker steaks with consistent portion sizes.

Profitable Yields

Consistent sizing and minimal trim loss mean impressive visual presentation for your customers and improved margins for your business.

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Gain a Competitive Edge

We couple 5 Star Reserve Beef’s dining attributes and consistent sizing with minimal trim loss to increase your margin, and we allow you to customize your mix to meet your goals. Take advantage of our full line of point-of-sale materials and the support of a professional team dedicated to making your program successful.

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