5 Star Beef Performance

Peak of Perfection

Surpassing conventional beef in tenderness, flavor, and consistency, 5 Star delivers an unmatched eating experience for your customers.

Consistent Sizing and Uniformity

5 Star Beef is known for its consistent thickness and tray coverage, resulting in better presentation and more predictable and efficient prep time so you can give customers rich, flavorful beef – every time.

Added Value

A study reported that 5 Star subprimals delivered a 2.8%* saleable yield advantage, resulting in a significant value gain when compared to conventional beef — an added boost for your bottom line.

Proven Flavor

Proven Flavor, Tenderness, and Yield

A study showed that when compared to conventional beef, 5 Star delivers:

  • A saleable yield advantage
  • Superior product uniformity
  • Thicker cuts
  • Consistent cooking times
  • Uniform retail tray or plate coverage
  • More tenderness and superior performance

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